How-to Forum Guide

Welcome to the How-to Forum Guide! In this guide, you will find tips and tricks to help you navigate the forum effectively.

  1. Trust Levels: Our forum has a trust level system. Participation and positive contribution to discussions helps the users to progress through different trust levels, starting from level 0 and advancing to higher levels of trust. Each trust level brings added privileges and access to specific forum features, like the ability to edit posts or initiate new topics. This system inspires users to actively engage and cultivate trust within the community.

  2. The structure of the forum: Our forum provides an intuitive interface designed to make navigation easy. There are 5 categories and each category has a description. Please read them carefully. If you want to report bugs, give suggestions, or share general feedback, you will find templates for these purposes as topics in the ‘Feedback & Improvements’ category.

  3. Before you start posting: Before you write your first topic, please read the Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service, which you can find in the ‘Welcome & Rules’ category.

  4. Starting a new topic and replying: To start a new topic, go to the appropriate category and click on the “New Topic” button. Choose a descriptive title and fill the topic with life. You can add images, videos, and formatting to make your post more engaging. When you’re ready, click “Create Topic” to publish it. To reply to a topic, click on the “Reply” button at the bottom of the post you want to respond to. Type your reply and click “Reply” to submit it. You can also use the “Quote” function to reference specific parts of someone else’s post. To quote a specific text section, select the desired text with the left mouse button.

  5. Managing Notifications: Our forum allows you to control your notification preferences to stay updated on any activity. Additionally, you can track specific topics or categories to receive alerts for new replies and mentions.

  6. Flagging Posts: To flag a post, click on the three-dot (meatballs) menu. Select ‘Flag’ from the dropdown menu to open a dialog box. After selecting the appropriate justification, you can add any important information if needed. Then, submit the flag to report the post to forum moderators for review. Flagging helps maintain a respectful community environment by addressing issues like inappropriate content or violations of forum guidelines.