Code of Conduct

  1. Observe and comply with the instructions provided by the forum’s administrators. Respect their authority and follow their guidance
  2. Try to keep your posts within the scope of the forum’s categories and topics. Avoid derailing or inappropriate discussions: Fight your battles in the game :crossed_swords:
  3. Surviving is already challenging for everyone, so be respectful, civil, and welcoming: Treat other forum members with respect. Engage in civil discussions and be welcoming to new members
  4. Choose your words carefully and avoid personal attacks or using vulgar, obscene, or offensive language. Attack each other in Persist with weapons, not with words
  5. Avoid Caps Lock as it is often interpreted as shouting and considered impolite. Use capital letters sparingly - the only ones screaming should be our zombies
  6. Do not disclose personal information about yourself or other forum members, unless you have explicit permission to do so. Personal information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. Remember, it’s best to focus on following your enemies in-game :muscle:t2:
  7. Avoid posting or sharing any content that breaches legal regulations, such as copyrighted material, illegal downloads, hate speech, or participating in any unlawful activities. Post-apocalyptic doesn’t mean that no laws apply
  8. Do not misuse or spam in our forum and do not join to promote your own content. Keep the forum clean and focused on the game or fear the undead
  9. Sharing any content that violates community standards is forbidden. This includes explicit language and explicit images or videos. The only braindeads should be the zombies!
  10. Refrain from sharing or linking to any websites or resources that are known or suspected to be scams, phishing attempts, or malicious in nature. Keep our forum just like Junction in our game - a safe environment

If you have any issues, comments, or concerns, reach out to our Community Manager.